Vertical Cricket and Soccer Scoreboard

Create a multitude of Arduino Scoreduino-based digital scoreboards and timers with this adaptable module, offering the potential for 30+ distinct variations. Each module comes preloaded with code for a single output, providing you the freedom to select your preferred output and customize colors to suit your preferences. Detailed documentation is accessible for all scoreboard outputs, ensuring seamless implementation. Specifically, the cricket scoreboard feature enables the display of live match scores sourced from,, and, enhancing the real-time experience for enthusiasts.

For Cricket Enthusiasts:

Elevate your cricketing experience with our advanced P10 Digital Scoreboard, featuring three displays vertically aligned, each boasting a sizable 320mmx160mm size for immersive visibility. With a bold 16cm text size and three distinct colors – red, blue, and green or white – this scoreboard is meticulously designed to intuitively convey total runs, wickets, and overs during cricket matches.

Key Features for Cricket:

  • Dynamic Vertical Displays: Three P10 displays arranged vertically, providing a clear view of total runs, wickets, and overs for a comprehensive cricket experience.
  • Automatic Score Updates: Android app integration ensures hassle-free operation as scores are automatically downloaded from,, and
  • Manual Score Updates: Cricket enthusiasts have the flexibility to manually update scores using the user-friendly Android app.
  • Wireless Control: Utilize two Android phones for unlimited range control or operate within a 10-meter range with a single phone.
  • Indoor Recommended: While suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the scoreboard’s compact size makes it especially recommended for indoor community sports events.

For Football/Soccer Enthusiasts:

Adapt this versatile P10 Digital Scoreboard for your football or soccer matches, using the top display for team names, such as HOM AWA or ABC XYZ. Update scores manually using the Android app, offering seamless control from any location on the field.

Key Features for Football/Soccer:

  • Team Name Display: The top display serves as a dynamic space for showcasing team names during football or soccer matches.
  • Manual Score Updates: Football and soccer enthusiasts can manually update scores using the Android app.
  • Wireless Control: Just like in cricket, there’s no distance limit for controlling the scoreboard with two Android phones.

Common Features for Both Cricket and Football/Soccer:

  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, adapting to the size of the ground.
  • Powerful Performance: Requires a direct power line or power from a diesel/petrol generator. Battery supply is not supported due to high power consumption.
  • Compact Size: Sized at 320mmx160mm, ensuring visibility and adaptability for various sports.
  • Works with 5V 10A Adapter: Efficiently powered for seamless operation.

Revolutionize your sports events with our P10 Digital Scoreboard – a game-changer for both cricket and football enthusiasts, offering dynamic displays, wireless control, and user-friendly functionality!