Scoreduino scoreboards stand out for two key reasons.

Firstly, they offer remote operation via an Android app, enabling control from anywhere, eliminating the need for physical proximity. In essence, you can manage the scoreboard from one location while it’s positioned miles away, thanks to internet connectivity.

Secondly, Scoreduino scoreboards seamlessly integrate real-time cricket scores from popular websites like,, and, ensuring up-to-the-minute updates without manual intervention.

Additionally, our approach follows a strict policy of one module providing one output, ensuring clarity and simplicity in functionality.

The Scoreduino DMD P10 module enhances adaptability, simplifying the creation of diverse scoreboards. With Bluetooth connectivity to the Scoreduino app, users can easily customize settings through a user-friendly interface.

This module offers versatility, allowing the creation of scoreboards for various sports, from general ones with timers to specialized ones for cricket, football, and tennis. Cricket enthusiasts benefit from live score retrieval through the Scoreduino Android app, accessing data from reputable platforms like,, and

Whether you’re aiming for a grand-scale setup or seeking portability, our modular design ensures scalability. Each module arrives preloaded with a specific program, offering a choice from the 30+ available options to generate your desired output. Should you require additional outputs, expanding with extra modules is a simple process.

Curious about how it all fits together?

Step 1: Utilize the provided assembly documents tailored for various scoreboard types to prepare the Scoreboard unit.

Step 2: Establish connection between the Scoreboard unit and the Scoreduino DMD module.

Step 3: Power up both the module and the Scoreboard unit.

Step 4: Seamlessly operate the Scoreboard using the Scoreduino App.

Click on the video to watch the output videos

Single P10 display- Cricket/Football Scoreboard and Timer
Dual P10 Display- Cricket/ Football Scoreboard and Timer
Dual color P10 Displays- Cricket and Football Scoreboard
Triple color P10 Cricket and Football Scoreboard
P10- 4 displays RED and BLUE Scoreboard
P10 - 6 displays RED and BLUE scoreboard for Cricket and Football
6xP10 displays Cricket and Football Scoreboard