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What is Scoreduino ?

SCOREDUINO is a name of a project focused on designing scoreboards, timers, seven segment display drivers and apps. It is also a method for designing digital scoreboards and drivers. The term ‘SCOREDUINO’ is also used to represent different apps, scoreboards, and timers based on the SCOREDUINO method.

Who designed Scoreduino ?

Everything related to Scoreduino is designed by me- ‘Sagar Sapkota’. I designed the apps, scoreboards, seven segment display drivers, timers and the online store. I also did programming for the all the devices.  

MY story

About Scoreduino Project

After working on for 10 years, I realized that I was basically just buying and selling electronics kits and modules. When I started, my aim was to design and sell electronic devices. Clearly, buying in wholesale from suppliers and selling them didn’t meet the values of my business. We all start a business with a ‘WHY’ and the continuous cycle of buying and selling was a wrong answer to my WHY and it was just a cycle of boredom and dissatisfaction.

The other objective behind setting up BuildCircuit was to design something that could be used in the real world by normal users. We all know that Arduino related products are majorly used for prototyping purposes. For example, an Arduino operated FM radio is different from a commercial radio, I wanted to build something that is close to a commercial radio.  

So, I started exploring the entire electronics sector to find something that could challenge, motivate me and I could build something that can be used by users outside the Arduino domain.

In 2019, when I was designing a basic up/down counter module for hobbyists, I was found that there were not many companies selling seven segment display drivers. So, I decided to design drivers for seven segment displays. After designing a couple of drivers, I came up with the idea of designing different types of Arduino based scoreboards.

I named the entire project as SCOREDUINO. This project seemed to meet my two objectives:

  1. Build something that not many companies are selling. For example, if you visit, I am the only designer selling Scoreboards. If you visit any table tennis club or futsal club, you will hardly see a ‘real’ scoreboard. You may find a scoreboard app, a scoreboard on a computer monitor or a paper based scoreboard.
  2. Build something that is close to a commercial product in terms of simplicity, size, price and look.

The project later became a method for designing drivers and scoreboards.

SCOREDUINO is an answer to ‘How to design a USUABLE Scoreboard ?’

If you search for Arduino Scoreboards, you will probably see either small scoreboards or very complicated or ugly scoreboards with several wires and weak connections. It seems that to build a scoreboard, users have to learn programming and electronics and most users do not want that. Most of the tutorials are very complicated and general users cannot build a usable scoreboard out of the tutorials.

I think Scoreduino is an answer to ‘how to build a scoreboard’ question. The method is very simple and the entire design process is available on this website.

All the Scoreduino based scoreboards are user friendly and are suitable for indoor sports.

Arduino Scoreboard For Cricket Scoreduino C (2)
Why I made


SCOREDUINO is a part of I could have released all the scoreboards and seven segment display drivers under a ‘Scoreboard and drivers’ category on BuildCircuit. But, after working for 3 years and designing more than 50 modules, I realized that the Scoreduino project has its own identity and it is different from my other projects and it should stand out itself. So, I decided to separate it from other devices and

Scoreduino app is different from all other scoreboard apps. With Scoreduino app, you can control ‘real’ scoreboards.

It is made using MIT media lab’s app inventor.

How I designed Scoreduino

I started the Scoreduino project in January 2019. I designed more than 100 modules for the project. I rejected most of the modules and now this website has around 50 devices for the customers.


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