The evolution of Scoreduino

Single digit driver: This is a single digit driver for 0.56″ seven segment display. It is the most basic up down counter that can be operated with 4 channels RF remote control.

Basic digital dice: When you press the tactile switch the numbers increase from 0 to 9, and when the switch is released it stops at a random number. The output frequency of NE555 is controlled by the photoresistor. 

CLOCKIT: This is a basic alarm clock with buzzer based on the ever-popular ATMega328. If you’re just learning how to solder, this kit should take you 15-20 minutes. If you’re a weathered pro at soldering, this is a great relaxing build that should take 5-10 minutes.

CD4026 up counter:

  • It works as an UP counter. You can instantly test the up count of the display using a flashing LED.
  • Works with Arduino or NE55 or whatever that gives pulse.
  • You can concatenate as many displays as you want.
  • With this, you can build your own digital objects counter.

CD4029 up and down counter:

  • Works with Arduino, NE555, basic transistorized multivibrator, or flashing LED.
  • Counts up and down
  • Concatenate as many modules as you want.
  • You can make a simple scoreboard using this module

2.3 inches Cricket Scoreboard

5 inches Cricket Scoreboard

10 inches Cricket Scoreboard


Scoreduino Timer

Objects counter

SCORE5- Scoreboard with innings display

SCORE6- Table tennis scoreboard

SCORE4 -4 digits scoreboards