DUAL Color 32cmx32cm LIVE SCORE Cricket and Soccer Football Scoreboard

Build your own scoreboard with ease using SCOREDUINO-DMD, a DIY solution that offers unique features setting it apart from traditional scoreboards.

One standout feature is its remote operability via an Android app, allowing control from anywhere with internet connectivity. Whether you’re in the US or Australia, you can manage the scoreboard in real-time without being physically present.

Another distinctive aspect is the integration of real-time cricket scores from popular websites like cricclubs.com, cricheroes.in, and playhq.com. No manual updates are necessary as the scoreboard automatically displays the latest scores.

Our approach of one module per output ensures simplicity and efficiency. The Scoreduino DMD P10 module, with its Bluetooth connectivity, provides a seamless interface for configuring your scoreboard settings through the Scoreduino app.

This versatile module empowers you to create various scoreboards, from general ones with timers to specialized designs for cricket, football, and tennis. Cricket enthusiasts benefit from live score retrieval directly from platforms like cricclubs.com, playhq.com, and cricheroes.com.

Whether you’re setting up a large-scale installation or a portable solution, our modular design offers scalability. Each module comes with preloaded programs for over 30 output options, and expanding your setup is straightforward with additional modules.

For Cricket Enthusiasts:

Introducing our innovative Square Dual Color Digital Scoreboard/Timer, a game-changer in the world of cricket. With a compact 32cmx32cm size, this digital marvel combines functionality and clarity, utilizing P10 dot matrix displays for an unparalleled viewing experience. The top red display showcases total runs and wickets, while the bottom display provides a live update on overs, ensuring cricket enthusiasts stay in the know.

Key Features for Cricket:

  • Dual Color Display: Top red display for runs and wickets, bottom display for overs, both with a bold 16cm text size for enhanced visibility.
  • Automatic Score Updates: Effortlessly stay informed as the Android app automatically downloads scores from playhq.com, cricclubs.com, and cricheroes.in.
  • Compact Size: Perfect for community cricket matches or smaller venues.
  • Battery Operable: Specially designed battery by buildcircuit.com ensures flexibility for outdoor use without being tied to a power source.

For Soccer and Football Enthusiasts:

Adaptable and dynamic, our Square Dual Color Digital Scoreboard/Timer caters to the diverse needs of soccer, football, and various sports. Switch between timer and score displays effortlessly to enhance the excitement on the field.

Key Features for Soccer/Football:

  • Dual Color Display: Top display for timer, bottom display for scores, both with a bold 16cm text size for clear visibility.
  • Manual Score Updates: Soccer enthusiasts can update scores manually using the Android app, allowing flexibility in tracking the game.
  • Wireless Control: No range distance limit for controlling the scoreboard. Utilize two Android phones for extended range control or operate from a 10-meter distance with a single phone.

Common Features for Both Cricket and Football/Soccer:

  • Versatility: Can be used as a scoreboard, timer, or both for added flexibility.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Suited for any venue, making it ideal for community sports events.
  • Operating Power: 5V 3A, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Color Options: Available in red and blue, with the option for customers to customize their preferred colors.

Revolutionize your sports events with our Square Dual Color Digital Scoreboard/Timer – the epitome of versatility, visibility, and convenience, catering to the unique needs of both cricket and football enthusiasts!

You can build any type of scoreboards using SCOREDUINO-DMD module. Check out our store for the module.