What is Scoreduino ?

Scoreduino is an Arduino based programmable controller/device/platform dedicated to building and operating 74LS192 based scoreboards and up & down counters. It is slightly different from the regular Arduino board. It has been modified to make the Arduino compatible with 74LS192.

There is a Scoreduino app to control all the Scoreduino based scoreboards and up & down counters.

If you try to build a 74LS192 based up and down counter using your normal Arduino, it will either display odd or even numbers.

Scoreduino also represents all the up & down counters that can be operated with RF switches.

Types of Scoreduinos:

  1. One sided Scoreduino: One sided Scoreduino has pins only on one side of the device to build an up & down counter. You can connect any number of seven segment displays to one sided Scoreduino.
  2. Two sided Scoreduino: Two sided Scoreduino is specifically dedicated to building 1.2 inch to 5 inch two teams/sided Scoreboards.
  3. Scoreduino with inning display: It has a seven segment display to display the inning of a game. Two separate 2 digits displays can be connected to each side of Scoreduino board.
  4. Scoreduino for table tennis: It has 2 seven segment displays to display the number of sets won by each player. Two separate 2 digits displays can be connected to each of this Scoreduino board.

Who designed Scoreduino ?

Everything related Scoreduino is designed by Sagar Sapkota who is also the founder and operator of buildcircuit.com and kitstv.com. Circuit design, PCB design, Aseembly and Android App is done by Sagar. It took 12 months to completed the whole project. The project started in January 2019 and ended in December 2019.


See Pictures of the R&D