Shipping & Returns

Almost all orders ship out within 2 business days; time to delivery is in addition to this processing time. We also reserve the right to upgrade your chosen shipping method, at our discretion, to a faster ship method at no additional charge to you.

WE DON’T SHIP PACKAGES ON SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS. If you make an order on Friday, your package will be shipped on Monday (if it’s a working day).

Your items are well-protected and packed in bubble envelopes. If there are many components, we ship in a box.

Scoreduino/BuildCircuit guarantees to ship your order the same day you place it IF and ONLY IF your order meets ALL the following criteria:

  1. Your order is placed before 1:00 PM, Sydney time.
  2. The day you place your order is a Business/working Day.
  3. All items are in-stock.
  4. Your order is paid in full at the time you place it.
  5. Your order is not considered an exception.
  6. You are not a SCOREDUINO/BuildCircuit Distributor.
  7. Your order does not require any modification before it is able to ship.
  8. Your shipping address is correct.

Please read below for more detailed definitions of these points.

If your order does meet all the listed requirements, we guarantee the shipment of your package that day. If it doesn’t meet them all, we may still get it out the same day, but no promises.


TIME – The time stamp on your order must be before 1 PM Sydney time. An order placed at 12:59:59PM counts, 1:00: 00 PM does not. Orders placed at 1 PM and later will be considered to qualify for the next business day. The time used is the timestamp on your order, which will be displayed once your order is placed.

All orders are shipped “Signature Not Required” by default, however, the shipping company may decide to require a signature depending on the value or destination. If you want your order to be sent with a signature required, please write us to If a “Signature Not Required” package is left at the door, but isn’t there when you get home, neither Scoreduino/BuildCircuit nor the shipping company can be held responsible.

For ‘signature required’, you need to select registered shipping method while checking out. For standard post, your shipping company may not ask for a signature. However, upon request, we may put a note on the shipping envelope, but we cannot guarantee that the shipping company would take signature.

For registered post, the shipping company checks your identity and takes your signature.

BUSINESS DAYS – Business Days are traditionally defined as the weekdays of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Excluded are the weekend days of Saturday and Sunday, as well as any Holidays. We will be closed for Holidays. Additionally, Scoreduino/BuildCircuit may be unexpectedly closed for inclement weather, off-site company events, etc. In the event of such closure, we will post notice of closure on the front page of our websites as soon as possible. The information will be published both on and If Scoreduino/BuildCircuit does need to close unexpectedly, that day will not be considered a Business Day, even if the zombies have gotten into our server room and we are unable to update the site to tell you about it.

IN-STOCK – Your order must contain only in-stock items to qualify for same-day shipping. If we don’t have it, we can’t ship it to you.

PAID IN FULL – Only orders paid in full at the time of placement qualify. This limits payment methods to Credit Card and most PayPal transactions. Orders paid with a PayPal “echeck” do not qualify. Orders paid entirely with a Gift Certificate do qualify. All other payment methods do not qualify for same-day shipping.

EXCEPTION – While rare, there is the chance that your order will go to an Exception status, instead of the normal new Order status. You will be notified upon placing your order if your order is an Exception. Most orders that do go to exception, and otherwise qualify, will be cleared quickly and shipped within the same-day time frame. Because some will require additional information from the customer, though, we cannot guarantee it.

DISTRIBUTORS – Distributor orders don’t qualify.

DOES NOT REQUIRE MODIFICATION – Your order must be valid to ship as you placed it. If any changes are required to your order before it is able to be shipped, it is disqualified from the same-day shipping guarantee. These changes may be intentional, such as you needing to add an item or correct a shipping address, or unintentional.


We will be working hard to meet our guarantee, but sometimes, reality won’t allow it. In the case that we do not meet our guarantee, we will automatically upgrade your shipping method by one step, and ship it the following business day.


Return policy

We want you to love your new parts and gadgets! But we know that sometimes your parts list changes or something isn’t working the way you thought it would. Never fear, we are here to help! Contact us.

Bought something you don’t need anymore?

Products that have not been opened/programmed/plugged in/otherwise used can be returned for a refund for any reason within 60 days. Please read the following guidelines, then email Tech Support to set up your return before shipping it back to us.

Returning Purchased Items: Scoreduino/BuildCircuit accepts returns for any unaffected product for any reason within 60 calendar days from the date of receipt of merchandise. After such time, requests for return will be considered but are not guaranteed to be accepted. “Unaffected” means a device has never been powered up, programmed, or otherwise changed. Scoreduino/BuildCircuit cannot accept returns on purchased items that have had electrical power applied to them, or been otherwise programmed, changed, or affected. Read more…

General Return Guidelines

  • All return shipments must include an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number (which you will get from Tech Support). Any return sent without an RMA number will be returned to you.
  • All returns must include any accessories, manuals, documentation, etc. that shipped with the product.
  • Returns may take up to 2 weeks to process, not including transit times.
  • Returns from orders older than 60 days are eligible for replacement or store credit only. They are not eligible for a refund.
  • You are responsible for return shipping charges that are not related to a manufacturer error.
  • Some products are not eligible for a return for refund. These include, but are not limited to, custom configured products, older version releases, and ding-and-dent items.
  • We are not able to process returns for items purchased from a Scoreduino/BuildCircuit Distributor. Please contact the store you originally purchased from to arrange a return.
  • In the event that we need to send you a replacement, return shipping will only cover delivery of the replacement part. You may not add additional purchases on top of a replacement shipment.

Thing you bought isn’t working right?

If your item is defective, malfunctioning, or modified in some way, we would be happy to attempt to resolve your issue. Technical issues can often be resolved without the need to ship things back to us. If determined to be necessary, Tech Support will create an RMA(Return Material Authorization) for your item.

When you email Tech Support be sure to include your order number, a description of your issue, and how you have used and/or modified the item. Please be aware of the following with regard to modified returns:

  • Eligibility for return of modified items is determined on a case-by-case basis; we can not guarantee their eligibility unless it is proven that the issue is related to a manufacturing defect.
  • If the item has been soldered to please do not remove, desolder, or otherwise modify any connected items before contacting Tech Support. Often times removing headers or wires from a board can do more damage.
  • We reserve the right to limit support, and deny returns on items that were purchased over a year ago, or that are old version releases.

Things appear to have been damaged in shipment?

Please email Customer Service right away. Include a description of the damages, and  pictures if at all possible. This information is very helpful to us in assessing how we package our orders and helps prevent similar problems in the future. We’ll get replacements for the damaged goods out to you right away.

We are here to help! We want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your experience at Scoreduino/BuildCircuit. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to ask. We will do our best to resolve your matter.

Warranty Information

We strive to provide accurate descriptions and high-quality merchandise. If you have any problems with your order, please let us know as soon as possible! We will do everything in our power to make it right. Please see our Return Policy for more information.

Secure Shopping

The information for all orders placed on our site is encrypted using SSL technology, so your transactions are completely protected. With SSL in place for both the client and the server, the information sent via the Internet will arrive via an SSL-enabled browser. Most browsers today are equipped with SSL. To be sure your connection is secure when filling out the order form, simply check for the padlock icon in the bottom border of your browser window when viewing the order form itself. The icon should be visible and show the lock in the locked position.

Note: Email is not encrypted and is not a secure means of sending credit card information. Please place all orders through the order form. Do not attempt to email an order.

Scoreduino/BuildCircuit respects privacy of Internet Users and does not collect personally identifying information without the Internet User’s permission. We don’t sell any information to anyone. We don’t really have the time or the energy! You can be confident that Scoreduino/BuildCircuit does not sell or exchange email addresses with third parties.

There may be times when Scoreduino/BuildCircuit is legally compelled to turn over user’s data. If this ever happens, we promise to work with the law enforcement agency to do everything in our power to limit the amount of information released.

Information provided while placing an order will be handled according to the policy in effect at the time of the order. From time to time we may change our policies, and any such changes will be reflected in these policy statements. Concerned customers should review these statements for changes when revisiting the site.

Canceling An Order

If you need to cancel an order, and that order is still in the New Order or Invoice Printed status, please write us immediately at

To avoid any trouble, please make sure you want everything in your cart before clicking ‘Place Order’.