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This is a  five digits DIY digital scoreboard for indoor games. All the modules of the scoreboard come fully assembled. You just have to find a way to fix it on a wooden board or make other arrangements to make it beautiful and usable for your sport.


  • 2 players/teams Arduino based digital scoreboard with innings display
  • Programmable using FTDI basic breakout board
  • Available in three sizes: 3″ (with 2.3″ for innings), 4″ (with 2.3″ for innings) and 4″ (with 3″ for innings)
  • Dimensions of PCB of 4″ scoreboard: 497.8 mm* 147.3 mm
  • Works with SCORE5 and SCORE5T apps
  • Send specific numbers to the displays using the app
  • Bluetooth is the communication medium between the Scoreboard and app
  • You can send scores to two Scoreboards simultaneously with the app
  • The scoreboard does not reset even if the Bluetooth is disconnected.
  • Can be controlled with 6CH RF remote control
  • SCORE5 scoreboards work with 12V.

Video: 4 inches SCORE5 without digital timer

Video: 4 inches SCORE5 with digital timer

To build the Scoreboard we have combined three modules:

  1. SCOREDUINO with innings display: This is the central module of the Scoreboard. This is an Arduino-based controller with a 2.3″ or 3″ display supported by a Bluetooth module and an RF module for communicating with the 2 digits displays placed on its each side of the Scoreboard. Read more about Scoreduino_B. With the Score5 app, you can send specific number to the middle display.
  2. The right display: The right green display gets up and down count commands from the central controller. The commands can be sent either by RF remote control  or by the SCORE5 app. Specific numbers can also be sent to the right display.
  3. The left display: The left red display also gets up and down count commands from the central controller. The commands can be sent either by RF remote control  or by the SCORE5 app. Specific numbers can also be sent to the left display.

Supporting modules:

  1. 6CH RF receiver and the remote control: It uses the basic 6CH RF module and remote control to send commands.
  2. Bluetooth module: The scoreboard can be controlled with SCORE5 app and it communicates via Bluetooth. There are two apps designed for this scoreboard.
      • Score5 app without timer controller function
      • Score5T with timer controller function
Score5 app. You can connect the app to two scoreboards.


Score4T- This app has a controller for timer also. It connects to one timer and two scoreboards

Power supply:

  1. The SCORE5 Scoreboards work with 12V power supply

How does it work?

To understand this working principle of scoreboard, you need to understand two modules:

  1. SCOREDUINO_B with innings display: This is an Arduino based controller that sends up and down commands to up and down counters. The schematic of SCOREDUINO_B is here.
  2. Single-digit up and down counter module: We have described how 74LS192/CD40192 based up and down counter modules work. You need to combine two of the single-digit counters and connect them to SCOREDUINO_B. The schematic of single-digit counter is here.

You can also read about Scoreduino_A.

Package includes:

  1. Fully electronically assembled Scoreboard
  2. 12V power supply(dispatched from third party store.)

3"(left-RED) 2.3"(mid-BLUE) 3"(right-GREEN), 4"(left-RED) 2.3"(mid-BLUE) 4"(right-GREEN), 4"(left-RED) 3"(mid-BLUE) 4"(right-GREEN)


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4 inches SCORE5- Digital Scoreboard with 4″ and 2.3″ displays
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