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This is a CD4026 based up counter driver module for driving 2.3 inches common cathode seven segment display. The module has headers on two sides to receive up count signals and to concatenate with another driver module.

The module can be triggered with NE555, flashing LED, and Arduino. It can also be triggered by anything that generates a clock pulse.


This is basically an UP counter module. It counts up, that’s it. It does not count down. Though it can be used with Arduino, please be mindful of its limitation, it is not like any other drivers which display any specific number.


Events Counter. Objects counter Scoreboard Queueing system

Why did I make it?

This is just a by-product of a digital Scoreboard that I had previously built. I was designing a table tennis scoreboard and I noticed that there are no 2.3″ seven segment display drivers available. So, I derived the idea of this product from the scoreboard.

What makes it special?

  • The size of the seven-segment display makes it special. The display is large enough to be seen from 100 meters.
  • You can concatenate as many displays as you want.
  • It can be used with NE555, Arduino, flasher LED or anything that can generate count pulse.
  • It does not need any special pulse circuit because it has an inbuilt circuit that can be used to test the driver.

Pinouts :

  • RST: This is reset pin
  • 9V: The module works strictly with a 9V power supply.
  • GND: Connect GND pin of Arduino or to your battery -ve
  • CLK: This the pin where you are supposed to send clock pulse
  • CO: This pin is used to concatenate with another up counter module

Which one should you purchase?

  • If you purchase an unassembled driver, I will send 2pcs of 4 pins female header so that you can stack a 2.3″ common cathode display and test if it works on not. If you are a seller selling 2.3″ common cathode displays, you can use the driver to test all of your displays.
  • If you purchase the assembled driver, I will solder the 2.3″ display myself. With this, you will not be able to test other displays.

Package includes: 

– 1 x up counter driver module for 2.3″ common cathode display

– 1 x 2.3″ common cathode display


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2.3″ common cathode seven segment display driver
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