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Build your own object counter on a breadboard

This is a simple CD4026 based up counter module for Arduino users and electronics hobbyists. Please make sure you check out my CD4029 up and down counter module also.

Key features:

  • It works as an UP counter. You can instantly test the up count of the display using a flashing LED.
  • It is a handy tester for 0.56″ seven segments common cathode display.
  • Works with Arduino or NE55 or whatever that gives pulse.
  • You can concatenate as many displays as you want.
  • With this, you can build your own digital objects counter.
  • Size: 15mmx49mm

Description of pins:

  1. CLK- Pulse INPUT from Arduino, NE555, and flasher LED.
  2. +V- 3.3V-5V. Do not exceed voltage over 5V.
  3. GND- GND pin of Arduino or negative terminal of the battery.
  4. RES- Reset pin. If you are concatenating several up counter modules, make sure that you connect all the RST pins together.
  5. CO- Use this pin to concatenate several CD4026 counter modules. Connect CO pin to CLK pin of another counter module.

Package includes: 1 x CD4026 UP Counter module

Test the module using Arduino

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CD4026- 1 Digit Up Counter Module For Basic Electronics Projects
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