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This is an upgraded version of the previous digital objects counter kit. The device has 1.8″ common cathode seven segment displays.

The device is based on the CD4026 decade counter. It is similar to my other designs.

How does it work?

A laser light module illuminates the photoresistor continuously and whenever any object obstructs the laser light falling on the photoresistor, the counter increases the count.

You can use this 3 digit digital objects counter for counting objects or people entering a room. It can be used by engineers for learning about digital counters.

NOTE: It does not have a microcontroller, so, it does not store the count. Once the device is turned off, the count resets to 000.  The device comes with a large photoresistor so that the laser can easily illuminate the sensitive area of the photoresistor.


  • It counts from 001 to  999.
  • It comes with a large(12mm) photoresistor, so, it has enough area to get illuminated by the laser.
  • It works strictly with a 6V power supply. DO NOT EXCEED THE VOLTAGE. It has to be strictly 6V.

It is an up counter. It does not count down. Each seven segment display is 1.8″ big.  The distance between the counter module and the laser can be up to 100 meters. It works as long as you can illuminate the photoresistor with the laser.  It works with a 6V power supply. Please note that the power supply should be strictly 6V.

Dimensions of the PCB: 132mmx75mm

Package includes:

  • 1 x 1.8″ digital objects counter- Comes assembled
  • 1 x laser light module

You need to purchase a 6V power supply separately for this device. 


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1.8″ Photoresistor And Laser Operated Medium Digital Objects Counter
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