CD4029 Based Up And Down Counter For Arduino And NE555

  • It works as an UP DOWN counter. You can instantly test the up count of the display using a flashing LED.
  • Works with Arduino or NE55 or whatever that gives pulse.
  • You can concatenate as many displays as you want.
  • With this, you can build your own digital objects counter.
  • Size: 15mmx49mm
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This is a basic up and down counter module built using CD4029. This module just needs a pulse from a flashing LED, NE555 timer, transistorized multivibrator, or Arduino. The module can count both up and down.

The features:

  1. Works with Arduino, NE555, basic transistorized multivibrator, or flashing LED.
  2. Counts up and down
  3. It can be made a permanent UP counter or a permanent DOWN counter.
  4. Concatenate as many modules as you want.
  5. Works with basic Arduino programming, good for kids and amateurs.
  6. You can make an event counter, objects counter, digital dice, queue counter, you can also display a specific number on the counter module.
  7. You can make a simple scoreboard using this module.

CD4029 up and counter pins:

1. CLK- Send pulse to this pin to increase or decrease the count. You can send a pulse from an Arduino or NE555.

2. 5V- Connect 5V from Arduino

3. GND- Connect GND from Arduino

4. UD- UD stands for UP or Down. If this pin gets 5V, the module starts counting Up and if this pin gets GND signal, the module will begin counting down.

5. RST- This is a reset pin. If you are concatenating several modules, make sure you connect all the RST pins also so that when the top tactile reset switch is pressed, all the modules reset the count to 0.

6. COUT- COUT pin should be connected to another CD4029 module while concatenating them. The other module on the left side gets a pulse for every 10th count.


The back of CD4029 up and down counter:

At the back of the module, you will see two spots with a small jumper solder pad. If you solder UD-GND, the module will permanently count DOWN If you solder UD-5V, the module will permanently count UP.

Two modules can be concatenated together by soldering them from the back.

How to make it work with Arduino?

If you know how to flash an LED, you can use it instantly. If you are flashing an LED connected at pin 13, just connect the pin 13 to the CLK pin of the module. If you want to count up and down, simply use one more pin of Arduino and connect it to the UD pin and make that Arduino pin send a HIGH or LOW signal.

Why did I make it?

This module is different from other Arduino seven segment display module. This is a single module that can be used in basic electronic projects that excludes Arduino, for example, you can use it with NE555 also. This module is very simple that does not require any Arduino library or complex programming. Yet, it can be used for counting objects or events.

Package includes: 1 x CD4029 up and down counter module


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