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One digit up and down counter using 74LS192/CD40192 and RF remote control

This is a simple up and down counter that can be operated by a four-channel RF remote.

The 74LS192 or CD40192 up and down counter chip is used in this gadget. The 74LS192 chip is triggered by a NE555 (set in monostable mode). The CD4511 chip controls the seven-segment display.


All the components required to build this counter are listed below:

  1. 1 x 74LS192
  2. 7 x 100 Ohm resistors
  3. 5 x 1K Ohm resistors
  4. 4 x 10K resistors
  5. 2 x tactile reset switch
  6. 2 x 0.1uF capacitors
  7. 2 x  100uF electrolytic capacitor
  8. 2 x BC557 transistors
  9. 1 x 0.56″ seven segment display common cathode
  10. 3 x 16 pins IC socket
  11. 2 x 8 pins IC socket
  12. 1 x 7 pins female headers
  13. 1 x CD4511
  14. 1 x CD4049
  15. 2 x NE555
  16. 1 x MicroUSB connector for 5V

Download: Gerber Files

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