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Jan 26


Download Scoreduino Controller app ‘SCOREDUINO SCORE5’ app is dedicated to controlling SCOREDUINO based digital scoreboards with five seven-segment displays.   Features of SCOREDUINO SCORE5 app: 1. Send specific scores to SCORE5 scoreboards. 2. Connect to two SCORE5 scoreboards and send the same scores simultaneously across both scoreboards. 3. Simultaneously send up and down count commands […]

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Jan 13

Detachable SCORE5- 4 inches scoreboard with innings display

2 players/teams Arduino based digital Scoreboard with innings display Programmable using FTDI basic breakout board Available in one size: with 4″ displays on two sides and 3″ display in the middle for innings Works with SCORE5 module of Scoreduino app Send specific numbers to the displays using the app Bluetooth is the communication medium between […]

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