2 teams/players DIY digital scoreboard with innings display

It works with SCORE5 app and Scoreduino-B device

This scoreboard is also a  two teams/player scoreboard that has 5 digits and works with the SCORE5 module of the scoreduino app. The 4 digits are for displaying the scores of two teams and the middle single digit is for displaying the innings.

The left hand side digits are displayed in RED and the right hand side digits are displayed in GREEN or BLUE.

You can send specific scores on each display using the SCORE5 app.

It works with Bluetooth only.

The seven-segment displays of the scoreboards are available in the following sizes:

  1. 4″ scoreboard and 2.3″ display for innings  Video on youtube
  2. 5″ scoreboard and 3″ display for innings.     Assembly video

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