Dual Color 32cmx32cm digital scoreboard

For Cricket Enthusiasts:

Elevate your cricketing experience with our compact and versatile Square Digital Scoreboard/Timer. Measuring just 32cmx32cm, this digital marvel is crafted with a P10 dot matrix display, providing a dynamic rotation of total runs, wickets, and overs at regular intervals. The 12-inch text size ensures clear visibility, making it perfect for cricket enthusiasts to stay updated on every aspect of the game.

Key Features for Cricket:

  • Dynamic Rotation Display: Total runs, wickets, and overs showcased in a regular interval rotation, providing a comprehensive view in a compact space.
  • Automatic Score Updates: Effortlessly stay informed as the Android app automatically downloads scores from playhq.com, cricclubs.com, and cricheroes.in.
  • Compact Size: 32cmx32cm display unit, perfect for community cricket matches or smaller venues.
  • Battery Operable: Specially designed battery by buildcircuit.com allows for flexible outdoor use without being tied to a power source.

For Soccer and Football Enthusiasts:

Experience the ultimate convenience with our Square Digital Scoreboard/Timer, adaptable for soccer, football, and other sports. Display the match timer and score with ease, enhancing the excitement on the field.

Key Features for Soccer/Football:

  • Timer and Score Display: Seamlessly switch between timer and score display, ensuring a comprehensive overview for soccer and football matches.
  • Manual Score Updates: Soccer enthusiasts can update scores manually using the Android app, allowing flexibility in tracking the game.
  • Wireless Control: No range distance limit for controlling the scoreboard. Utilize two Android phones for extended range control or operate from a 10-meter distance with a single phone.

Common Features for Both Cricket and Football/Soccer:

  • Versatility: Can be used as a scoreboard, timer, or both for added flexibility.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Suited for any venue, making it ideal for community sports events.
  • Operating Power: 5V 2A, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Color Options: Available in red and blue, with the option for customers to customize their preferred colors.

Revolutionize your sports events with our Square Digital Scoreboard/Timer – the epitome of versatility, visibility, and convenience, catering to the unique needs of both cricket and football enthusiasts!