RED and BLUE dual color soccer and table tennis tennis scoreboard

For Football/Soccer Enthusiasts:

Elevate your football or soccer matches to a new level of excitement with our Dual Color Scoreboard, meticulously designed for optimal visibility and dynamic display. Each of the four displays, with a generous size of 320mmx160mm, collectively forms a 640mmx320mm powerhouse. The left displays in striking red and the right in vibrant blue, creating a visual spectacle on the field.

Key Features for Football/Soccer:

  • Score and Timer Display: Clear and bold 32cm high text for scores and 16cm high for the timer ensures everyone on the field can stay engaged.
  • Team Distinguishability: Single-character displays for each team, such as A and B or H and A, making it easy to identify HOME and AWAY teams.
  • Innings Display: A versatile scoreboard, it caters to different sports. In football/soccer, display innings for a comprehensive match overview.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Suited for both indoor and outdoor sports, providing flexibility in venue selection.
  • Wireless Control: Update the scoreboard from anywhere using Scoreduino’s Android app, with a range of up to 10 meters.

For Table Tennis or Tennis Enthusiasts:

Adapt the Dual Color Scoreboard seamlessly for table tennis or tennis matches, showcasing current scores and the number of sets won by each player. With the same impressive features tailored for football/soccer, this scoreboard offers a dynamic solution for indoor racquet sports.

Key Features for Table Tennis or Tennis:

  • Score and Sets Display: Display current scores and the number of sets won by each player, enhancing the scoring experience for table tennis or tennis matches.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use: Versatility extends to indoor racquet sports, ensuring a vibrant display for intense matches.
  • Wireless Control: Update the scoreboard effortlessly from anywhere using Scoreduino’s Android app, enhancing the efficiency of scoring management.

Common Features for Both Football/Soccer and Table Tennis/Tennis:

  • Versatile Usage: Adaptable for multiple sports, providing a dynamic scoring solution for various athletic events.
  • Powerful Performance: Requires a direct power line or power from a 5V 10A powerful adapter for reliable and consistent operation.
  • Automatic Score Import: For netball matches using, the Android app can import live score data automatically, streamlining the scoring process.

Revolutionize your sports events with Scoreduino’s Dual Color Scoreboard – a versatile, powerful, and visually stunning addition to community sports.