Arduino based digital cricket and soccer scoreboard 960mmx320mm

For Cricket Enthusiasts:

Elevate your cricket game with our cutting-edge Digital Scoreboard featuring a high-quality P10 dot matrix display. Designed for both convenience and versatility, this scoreboard offers two distinct modes for cricket enthusiasts. In the scrolling mode, effortlessly follow the game’s progress as it displays the total runs, wickets, and overs in real-time. Alternatively, opt for the unscroll mode to view the essential stats without any scrolling animation.

Powered by six P10 displays, each boasting a 12-inch text size, this scoreboard guarantees visibility from any corner of the cricket ground. Say goodbye to manual scorekeeping; our Android app seamlessly downloads scores from popular platforms like,, and, ensuring accurate and real-time updates. No need for manual intervention – the app handles it all for you.

The scoreboard is not just limited to cricket; it’s a multi-sport solution. For community cricket matches, this digital scoreboard ensures a hassle-free, dynamic viewing experience.

Key Features for Cricket:

  • Automatic score updates from,, and
  • Scroll and unscroll modes for versatile viewing
  • 12-inch text size for clear visibility
  • Operable with Android app

For Football and Soccer Enthusiasts:

Kick off your soccer or football match with the same level of sophistication and functionality. Our Digital Scoreboard seamlessly transitions to cater to the needs of soccer and football enthusiasts. Display not only the match score but also the timer for a comprehensive game overview.

Control the scoreboard effortlessly with our Android app, enabling manual score updates for soccer and football games. This ensures flexibility and real-time tracking without any hassle. Whether it’s the score or the match timer, stay in control using our user-friendly app.

Key Features for Football/Soccer:

  • Manual score updates using the Android app
  • Display both match score and timer for comprehensive tracking
  • 12-inch text size for clear visibility
  • Operable with Android app

Common Features for Cricket and Football/Soccer:

  • No distance limit for scoreboard control
  • Operable with two Android phones for long-range control
  • 10-meter range control with a single Android phone
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Requires direct power line or power from diesel/petrol generator (not battery-operable)
  • Works with 5V 10A powerful adapter
  • Available in vibrant red color

Whether you’re a cricket fanatic or a soccer enthusiast, our Digital Scoreboard is your ultimate companion for an immersive and technologically advanced sports experience.