900x600mm 6 displays RED and BLUE Elevate Your Community Sports Experience with Our Digital Soccer Scoreboard!


Transform your soccer matches into a thrilling spectacle with our state-of-the-art Digital Scoreboard, crafted with a high-quality P10 dot matrix display. Designed specifically for soccer and sports featuring right-left scoreboards, this versatile scoreboard not only showcases the match score and timer but also introduces the innovative display of innings for a comprehensive game overview.

Key Features for Soccer Enthusiasts:

  • Timer and Score Display: Keep track of every moment with a dynamic timer and match score display, enhancing the excitement on the field.
  • Team Names and Innings Display: Showcase the names of playing teams with 4 characters each, adding a personalized touch. Additionally, keep everyone informed about the ongoing innings.
  • Colorful Team Names: Team names pop with vibrant Blue and Green colors, adding a visually appealing element to the scoreboard.
  • Versatile Text Size: Boasting a 12-inch text size, the scoreboard ensures clear visibility from any corner of the soccer ground, making sure every spectator is engaged.
  • User-Friendly Android App: Easily operate the scoreboard with our Android app, providing soccer enthusiasts with the flexibility to update scores manually and efficiently.
  • Wireless Control: No distance limit for controlling the scoreboard. Use two Android phones for extended range control, or a single phone for operation within a 10-meter range.
  • Suitable for Any Venue: Whether it’s an indoor facility or an outdoor field, our scoreboard adapts to any setting, making it perfect for community sports events.
  • Powerful Performance: Powered by six P10 displays and compatible with a 5V 10A adapter, this scoreboard guarantees a high-performance, reliable experience.
  • Distinct Team Colors: Available in a striking red color, our scoreboard ensures that your team names are displayed in Blue and Green for enhanced visibility and team spirit.


  • Power Requirement: Strictly requires a direct power line or power from a diesel/petrol generator. Not battery-operable due to high power consumption.

Revolutionize your community sports events with our Digital Soccer Scoreboard – the perfect blend of innovation, functionality, and vibrant visuals. Ensure every match becomes a memorable experience for players and spectators alike!