A programmable Arduino based controller for scoreboards

The ‘SCOREDUINO-B’ module works as a basic controller for two teams/players scoreboard. It has a pair of headers on side of the board that can be connected to 2 digits seven segment display drivers.

It works with SCORE4 app. Users can send specific numbers to each of the displays. There are 2 pairs of up and down buttons on the app to increase or decrease the score.

There are two pairs of switches also which can be used to increase or decrease the count manually. It also works with RF remote control.

Scoreduino-B is a programmable device like any other Arduinos. It requires an FTDI basic breakout board.

Scoreduino-B works with the following sizes of common anode seven segment display drivers. The seven segment display drivers can be controlled by Android app or RF remote control or the inbuilt switches.

  1. 2.3 inch scoreboard.      Watch it on youtube
  2. 3 inch scoreboard.         Watch it on youtube
  3. 4 inch scoreboard.         Watch it on youtube
  4. 5 inch scoreboard

Check out the Scoreduino-B gallery page.