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NOTE: This scoreboard doesn’t have BLUETOOTH. It can only be operated with RF remote control

This is a RF remote controlled do-it-yourself (DIY) digital scoreboard for indoor games. You can either order fully assembled scoreboard or DIY kit.


  • 2 players/teams Arduino based digital Scoreboard
  • Size of displays: 2.3 inches.
  • PCB Dimensions: 250.2 mm* 92.7 mm
  • When scores are displayed from 0-9, the left digit is off. For example, if a team scores a 7, the scoreboard displays only 7, not 07.
  • The scoreboard does not reset even if the Bluetooth is disconnected.
  • Can be controlled with 4CH RF remote control
  • The scoreboard works with 9V

To build this scoreboard, we have combined three modules.

  • RF module based controller: This is the central module of the Scoreboard. It uses a widely used 4CH RF module that communicates with a RF remote control. The central board communicates with two set of displays on its right and left side.
  • The right display: The right display gets up and down count commands from the central RF controller.
  • The left display: The left display also gets up and down count commands from the central RF controller.

Power supplies:

  1. 2.3″ Scoreboard works with 9V-1A power adapter

How does it work?

To understand this working principle of Scoreboard, you need to understand two modules:

  1. RF module based controller: This is a basic RF based controller comprising NE555, CD4049 and few discrete components. It sends up and down commands to up and down counters placed on its right and left.
  2. Single-digit up and down counter module: I have described how 74LS192/CD40192 based up and down counter modules work. You need to combine two of the single-digit counters and connect them to the RF module based controller. The schematic of single-digit counter is here.

You can also read about Scoreduino_A and Scoreduino B

Package includes:

  1. Fully electronically assembled/ Not assembled(DIY) Scoreboard (whatever you choose)
  2. 9V power supply (we will send this from third party supplier)
Display Sizes

Fully Assembled, Do-it-yourself(DIY)/Not Assembled


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SCORE4RF- RF Remote Controlled DIY Digital Scoreboard
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